The Accountant

The Accountant

Rating: 4/4

Twitter review: People want their accountant to be competent and help them save money. This one can also kick a serious amount of ass.

Spoiler-free review: I have a theory. I think that the accountant in this film is an alternate dimension version of Batman. I mean, both this guy and Batman have serious childhood trauma issues. Both of them are singularly driven. Both of them have more money than they know what to do with. And both can kick everyone’s ass at the drop of a hat. I dare anyone to prove me wrong.

In this film, Ben Affleck plays Christian Wolff, a brilliant accountant who is also an accountant for major crime syndicates all over the world. To give himself a low profile, he operates a small accounting firm. At night, he has a fairly rigid routine, the result of being a high-functioning autistic person. He was also raised by his army father, who insisted that any problems he might have can be forced out. Hence, he spends 20 minutes listening to blaringly loud music and runs a rod over his legs. At the insistence of his handler, who uses an electronic voice to communicate with him over the phone, he takes a ‘legitimate’ job, checking the books for a company that makes prosthetic limbs. One of the company’s accountants had found a discrepancy, and he is called in to verify the discrepancy. What he doesn’t yet know is that there are people looking for him – a federal Treasury agent who blackmails a young analyst to find Christian, and a mysterious assassin who soon starts targeting the top people of the company, as well as himself and the accountant from the firm.

I have to say that although there were times when it did feel a bit slow, I was absolutely riveted by Ben Affleck’s performance. I don’t know if he used the same thousand yard stare he used in Batman v Superman, but I could totally believe in his character. And when the action does eventually come, it comes at a good clip. This man is methodical about eliminating people who are out to kill him. And I could also believe that he wanted to try and have some normal relationship with the accountant from the firm he was auditing, Dana. The film doesn’t try and shoehorn a romance into the mix, instead focusing on Christian and how he views the world. I really enjoyed this film, and I can definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a good drama with some action to it.


Spolier-filled review: One of the things I also liked about this film was how it was able to tie things up at the end properly. A bit like The Usual Suspects, we are given out of sequence scenes, which are meant to be clues to not only Christian but to other people as well. It was satisfying to see how Christian and his brother, as well as this other girl whom he met as a child and who also has developmental disabilities, were all parts of this puzzle. The ending of the film allows for this character to come back again, and although on the one hand I would like to see more of this character, on the other hand I hope they leave this film as a stand-alone. I would hate for this character to be subject to watering down just for the sake of having yet another movie franchise.


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