Adios Amigos

Adios Amigos

Rating: 3.5/4

Twitter review: Even handicapped people need to have sex once in awhile. Thankfully, this story is more than just sex.

Spoiler-free review: There have been plenty of ‘horny young men looking for sex’ movies in the past. I remember when I was younger seeing posters for Porky’s, and eventually seeing films like Revenge Of The Nerds. If there’s one thing that can draw people (okay, other horny [young] men) to the movies, it’s some T&A (that’s Tits and Ass, for those who don’t know the term). But it’s fairly rare to see a film where handicapped people wind up being the subject of wanting to have sex. This Dutch film, based on a Flemish film (itself based on a British documentary), is one of those rare films. And unlike the typical T&A film, this film has quite a bit of heart to go along with the skin.

The film follows three friends, Lars, Philip and Joost, who each have a handicap. Joost is severely blind (he can only see some things with a magnifier), while Lars and Philip are confined to a wheelchair. Philip can only barely use one hand to control his wheelchair, and has to type using a mouthpiece; Lars has a brain tumor that allows him to walk for a very limited amount of time. The three are fed up seeing all the girls in bikinis by the pool where they have physical therapy, so they decide to go on vacation together to Spain where they hope to find women who will have sex with them. When Lars develops a tumor in his brain that will soon kill him, their parents decide that going on vacation is not a good idea.

The three then decide to hire Lub, someone they found on Marktplaats (the Dutch version of eBay), while sneaking away from their parents. When Philip keeps mouthing off to Lub, complaining of the cheap wagon she drives and everything else, Lub decides to teach the three a lesson by driving them instead towards Croatia (where she’s from, and where her daughter lives). On the way, the three find out what Lub did, but Lub promises them that they will have their beach party in Croatia as well.

Although Philip can be (and is sometimes) an asshole, the movie thankfully is able to reign him in by having his friends pull him back. All of the guys are sympathetic, and Lub herself is also a very relatable person, trying to make money for her daughter. There are moments of comedy in the film, and there is certainly plenty of pretty girls floating around, but it’s the drama of seeing these friends taking this grand adventure together that makes the film really rewarding.


Spolier-filled review: I don’t say this often, but in the case of this film, I wish they would have tacked on an extra 5-10 minutes. I was disappointed that we didn’t get to see Lub interact with her daughter (a couple of films that quickly come to mind where one of the main characters has a daughter he hasn’t seen in a long time are Midnight Run and My Favorite Year; in both of those films, the brief interaction with their daughter adds depth to their characters), but I was also disappointed with the end. Lars unfortunately dies on the beach, the day after he finally was able to have sex with a woman (Lub brought the three to a place that specializes in handicapped clientele; Joost, for his part, decided he wanted to spend his time with Lub herself), but the film kind of abruptly ends after Philip and Joost say their goodbyes.

I personally would have liked to have seen Lars be able to go back to his family, if for no other reason so that his sister could have seen him one more time. The film instead ends with a brief shot of the four in the van goofing around with each other, then the van just driving along the road. I understand that life sucks sometimes, and not every film has a happy ending, but considering this is a made-up film, I would have liked to have seen the children in this film be given a little more credit than just being in the background.


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